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Sellers Guide

Whether you are ready to go to market ASAP or simply considering your options give us a call so we can have a discussion & understand your needs which will enable us to give you advice that will suit your needs specifically

Deciding the value of your property:

we offer a free valuation service whereby we would come to visit your property & after taking in your specific nuances & with our local market knowledge as well using data from other ongoing & recent sales we would suggest a realistically achievable price for your property & then we can discuss strategies as to how best achieve that

Getting ready to market:

once you have decided to go ahead you will need to get an EPC (which we can help arrange), this is a legal requirement for any property rental or sale We would need to arrange a good time to take images of your home this will ideally be at a time when your property is looking most photogenic, we would strongly advise if possible for the property to be as neat & tidy as possible with as much clutter, loose dishes, towels etc out the way as possible, we will also be arranging for floorplan to get drawn up. If the property is a leasehold or share of Freehold property before marketing we will need to know the length of the lease, service charge costs & Ground rent costs


We would get in touch with buyers looking for a property similar to yours that have already pre registered as well as preparing a listing which would be uploaded to the major portals to ensure your property is put in front of as many potential buyers as possible


Once the leads start coming in or after a few direct calls we will need to arrange to bring potential buyers round to see your property, we try to be as flexible as possible & we ask vendors to try to also be flexible where they can, the easier it is to book a viewing the better the start of the journey for your potential buyer is. The property should be kept in as tidy & clutter free state as possible, ideally the property will be empty this allows viewers to be a little freer when looking around, however viewings of course can be undertaken whilst the vendors are in the property. It would be great to have a few pre agreed times that would be ideal for yourselves in terms viewing times & then to be flexible at other times. Leaving a key with us would be tremendously beneficial.


As the offers come through we will be in contact to let you know what offers have come through, unless the vendor specifies that they wouldn’t entertain anything below £X, all offers regardless of the amount will be forwarded for the vendor to decide how to proceed in conversation with ourselves. Of course its not just about the price there are always other factors that would need careful consideration such as how the purchase is being funded, what the timescales are, are they in a chain etc

Accepting an offer:

Ideally even before accepting an offer it would be a good idea to have decided who your solicitor will be as this takes away an initial delay to getting the sale started – if you are unsure who to use we would be happy to recommend a few solicitors depending on your needs with whom we have transacted previously with, it would also be very helpful if you could prepare in advance or at the very least ensure you have the details for the below

Fixtures and fittings that are included/excluded in the sale.

The boundaries of the property and with whom responsibility lies for maintaining fences.

Whether any alterations or extensions to the property have met local planning and building regulations.

Details of rights of access that are shared with a neighbour, e.g. driveways.

Copies of guarantees or insurance policies, e.g. whether the property is covered by the NHBC guarantee or a wood-rot treatment guarantee.

If the property is a leasehold, your solicitor will ask for a copy of the lease, the name of the managing agent (where appropriate), the freeholder and a statement of account for the ground rent and services charges.


whether the property's utilities (gas, water, electricity) reach it via a neighbour's property or are shared with a neighbour.

The period between accepting an offer & getting to exchange is often the most stressful but it needn’t be. The buyers lawyer & the buyer will need to do due diligence & in the process this will often raise questions that need answering or perhaps unveil an issue that needs dealing with. Once the due diligence has been done satisfactory & funds are confirmed for the purchase we are ready to exchange

Completion day:

The day we have all been waiting for – in most circumstances the property is sold with vacant possession & you would expect completion to be done on or before 2pm this means the house should be fully emptied & ideally cleaned down ready for the new owners, keys would need to be handed to us your agents ahead of completion which are then released to the new owners once both sets of solicitors have confirmed that completion has happened.

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